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External One Port GNSS Antenna

External One Port GNSS Antenna

◎ GPS & GLONASS & Beidou L1 Bands Supporting
◎ 27dB LNA Gain, Exceptionally Low Noise Figure
◎ Up to 50dB Out-of-Band Suppression
◎ Dimension (mm) : 46.24(L) x 38.14(W) x 12.32(H)

GPS 토지 경계 설정자
GNSS 수신기 모듈
자동차 트래커
GNSS/3G Vehicle tracker

GNSS/3G Vehicle tracker

◎ High GNSS and WCDMA sensitivity
◎ ACC ON/OFF Detection
◎ Embedded motion sensor and flash memory.
◎ Programmable auto report based on time or distance.
◎ Configurable via COTA, SMS command, and PC software
◎ Serial port for external device
◎ Firmware upgrade by over-the-air (FOTA)

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