Marine GPS Receiver

GPS receiver
u-bloxl chipset solution
NMEA 2000® certified
Model : GR-2000



 GPS Locator Dimension

 80 mm(W) X 71.3 mm(H)

 Mounting Base Dimension

 110 mm(W) X 70 mm(L) X 75.2 mm(H)


 170 gram(without cable)

 Receiving frequency

 1575.42MHZ; C/A code

 Power/Data Cable

 NMEA 2000 thru NMEA 2000 network

 Antenna Connector

 NMEA 2000 Micro C



 Operating: -20 + 60

 Storage: -40 + 85 


 fully waterproof IPX7


 40 90%RH Operating



 NMEA 2000



 -160dBm (Tracking)


 56 Channels

 Start-up time

 1 sec. typical (hot start)

 3 sec. typical (warm start)

 50 sec. typical (cold start)

 Position accuracy*

 2.5 m1 CEP

 Horizontal Accuracy


 Heading Accuracy


 Rate of Turn


 NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency  Number (LEN)

 2 (100 mA)

 pitch / roll accuracy

 @30 degrees 1 grade error


 500 m/s

 SBAS: 2.0 m


 50,000m (Maximum)

 Update Rate

 Up to 10Hz

 Power Supply

 9 - 18V

 Current  Consumption

 <90mA @ 12V DC

 NMEA 2000 PNGs

 PNG Number

 PNG Title


 System Time


 Position,Rapid Update








 GNS Satellites in View


 Magebetic Variation


 Compass Heading(Vessel Heading)


 Rate of Turn



* 1 CEP, 50%, 24 hours static, -130 dBm, > 6 SVs

This specification is subject to change without prior notice...

The GR-2000 is the ideal position and heading device.  The GR-2000 is built with NMEA 2000 new world standard in marine electronics data protocol. It is brilliant for networking with multiple instruments on boat which is NMEA 2000® certified devices (sensor, sonar, GPS, multi-function gauge, etc.), regardless of brand, will share and/or display user-selectable data with any or all other display instruments installed in a NMEA 2000® network. The GR-2000 offers unique advantages for networking package for multi-station sensing and display of boat systems and engine functions. Those key benefits include simplicity, easy installation, versatility and ease of sensor/display/system expansion, excellent performance and amazing affordability. The advanced precision GPS receiver module applied not only provides extremely accurate and rapid boat position and speed updates, the electronic compass also provides heading for accurate and boat direction at any speed and for radar/chart overlay. The GR-2000 is fully waterproof and can be Pole or surface mounted on any boat.


  • NMEA 2000® position and heading sensor
  • 10 Hz updates for accurate location
  • Integrated electronic compass provides heading for chart stabilization and radar overlay, plus accurate course over ground even at low speeds
  • Supports GPS GNSS including SBAS/QZSS
  • Easy installation
  • Compact, rugged design for all marine environments and fully waterproof
  • Available with Pole or surface mounted on any boat


For all GPS applications with networking such as sensor, sonar multi-function gauge, etc.

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